To completely and utterly defeat, either verbally, mentally, or physically, an opponent beyond the mental realm of loss.
Dude, I totally pwned you at tennis yesterday.
by Two Shots March 16, 2005
V. To own, Pwnage, Pwned ect.
(you are) Pwned.
by Giggles November 18, 2002
A penguin with a jet pack.
Did you see that penguin with a jet pack? He pwned. All of us.
by theramin January 10, 2009
A nice big wet fart that oozes from one's ass-cheeks
"Dude, I totally pwned!"
by h3ckh0l3 April 26, 2007
More silly scene/hXc internet speak. Variant of "own", thats pronunciation is undetermined. Whether it is "PAWN" or "POWN"(rhyming with "own"),is left up to dispute.

To "pwn" something or someone means something along the lines of "to be cooler than" or "to beat in a level of coolness and/or skill and/or etc".
Oh yeah? Well my Charmander PWNS your Pikachu!
by Alanaaaa May 26, 2006
the act of being shut down by someone or something; to annihilate, destroy, or desecrate; complete ownage.
last night when we were doing the dirty, I pwned your vag. or I am going to pwn your mom tonight.
by GOD_LIKE April 19, 2006
A common misspelling of the word "own", caused by the fact that Qwerty keyboards cause many spelling errors. (the o is right next to the p)
Person 1: I pwn you.
Person 2: Qwerty keyboards own *you*.
by Konetzin August 21, 2005
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