A typo made into a ridiculous and abused catch phrase. Generally used when someone does something to another that is shameful or degrading. Commonly used by internet egomaniacs and morons or otherwise, stupid people trying to be "cool"
1. I are teh l337 cuz I pwned u!
2. Holy shit u R a m0r0n. PWNED!
3. Pwned is a word used only by true assclowns and egotistical fools.
by Andrew187 March 26, 2005
kill or outwit: often used while playing halo or other various games of the sort. also in games of competitive nature such as football and wrestling.
1. i'll pwn you, you noob

2.we'll pwn those noobs

3.we totally pwned
by Cole February 04, 2005
A variation of own but with all vowels removed so that it cannot be verbally pronounced.

Used to identify ownership of an object or entity.
Player have pwned this level.
by Oliver Clevont December 08, 2004
To be seperated from own or ownage. It is overkill. Simply known as power own, power ownage. Complete and total domination over another character or mob(monster).
Damn we pwned that monster.
by psumek November 26, 2004
The word pwn or pwned describes how badly you have beaten somebody at their own game,it can also be used as the word "owned".The word can be used frequently depending on the circumstances and the situation, like if you just "pwned" someone at tony hawk underground 2.It can also be expressed as the word cool or awsome would.
"Pwnge","That is Pwnge.",He just pwned you","Youve been pwned!!!"
by +GU+XolrecX November 10, 2004
word that online dorks use, mean to own
Halo pwns all!
by WuBanga May 20, 2004
v. to own
may derive from misspelling of 'own'or may come from kapown as in 'al kapone' all ways of saying OWN, comes from all the l33ts of counter-strike
you got pwned by that skiddie and his hax!!
by hex_ten November 23, 2003
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