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l33t-sp33k for fear (also spelled ph33r).
Ph34r my l33t n3kk1d sk1llz, b107ch!!!
by Arvid November 23, 2002
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a powerfull feeling realized or felt at the point of inevitable harm or death. Normally associated with fear, it is more closely related to a extreme feeling of anticipation.
ph34r teh ch33r!; T3h ph34r in t3 r00^^ 7hick3nd 45 z00^^b13z 3nt3r3d from all d1r3c710nz.
by 4kuIVIu May 02, 2007
1. (verb) is 1337-5p34k for "to fear"

see ph33r
ph34r t3h 4L13n5!!! 4u9#!!!
by lakik :D July 21, 2005

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