Orginally a mispelling of the word own, it has evolved in modern times to the more useful definiton of permenantly owning a person.
Can you believe that, I totally slaughtered that guy 14 times in a row!
by Charlie B August 23, 2005
To get the top post on a message board.
(1st post) Wow! I just (x)
(2nd post) (y) pwned!
by Tom Cover May 31, 2005
(poon)not pawn or pone
1. to utterly destroy or defeat a person or computer in a game (usually on the computer)

2. misspelling the word own.

3. a higher intensity than own. to pwn is to own so badly that the other player stood no chance whatsoever.
"I pWn3d j00 nStY sTyL3" (past-tense)
"i pwn him" (verb)
"that was crazy pwnage" (noun)
by AJ October 12, 2004
The word small kids who sneak onto counter strike use to make them feel 1337, but make other players kick theyr wimpy asses
yomomma: haha i pwned you noob hahah!1!1!1
riekdeath: your grenade killed 3 other people on your team tho
by Mjollinr September 06, 2004
To own, or, in laymans terms, to have done incredibly well at. Usually used in conjunction with 1337
I pwned dis map!
by KoLdDoOm May 29, 2004
to kick ass (has many uses just as the word 'Fuck')
i frickin pwned ur face
i am teh pwn
dude.. this guy pwns
wat a pwn
by not a jew July 19, 2003
To totally own someone.

A mispelling of "own", since p is next to o on the keyboard.
Man, you really pwned my pants off!

Wow! This is Total Pwnage

I pwned yo mama last night yo.
by Hrugnir teh pwnage mastah March 20, 2003
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