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v. to own
may derive from misspelling of 'own'or may come from kapown as in 'al kapone' all ways of saying OWN, comes from all the l33ts of counter-strike
you got pwned by that skiddie and his hax!!
by hex_ten November 23, 2003
5 17

Orginally a mispelling of the word own, it has evolved in modern times to the more useful definiton of permenantly owning a person.
Can you believe that, I totally slaughtered that guy 14 times in a row!
by Charlie B August 23, 2005
3 16
To get the top post on a message board.
(1st post) Wow! I just (x)
(2nd post) (y) pwned!
by Tom Cover May 31, 2005
3 16
(poon)not pawn or pone
1. to utterly destroy or defeat a person or computer in a game (usually on the computer)

2. misspelling the word own.

3. a higher intensity than own. to pwn is to own so badly that the other player stood no chance whatsoever.
"I pWn3d j00 nStY sTyL3" (past-tense)
"i pwn him" (verb)
"that was crazy pwnage" (noun)
by AJ October 12, 2004
6 19
The word small kids who sneak onto counter strike use to make them feel 1337, but make other players kick theyr wimpy asses
yomomma: haha i pwned you noob hahah!1!1!1
riekdeath: your grenade killed 3 other people on your team tho
by Mjollinr September 06, 2004
5 18
To own, or, in laymans terms, to have done incredibly well at. Usually used in conjunction with 1337
I pwned dis map!
by KoLdDoOm May 29, 2004
5 18
to kick ass (has many uses just as the word 'Fuck')
i frickin pwned ur face
i am teh pwn
dude.. this guy pwns
wat a pwn
by not a jew July 19, 2003
6 19