A word only virgins who live with their mothers say. Commonly used as "fightin words" between total losers. If you ever say it seriously... kill yourself because you have no reason to live.
I'm a virgin and I pwned some noobs today in my mom's basement.

I pwn noobs because I have never been with a woman.
by Signed, Everyone March 14, 2006
1. Purposeful mispelling of the word own, Meaning to completely overpower and dominate, as in a videogame or argument. 2. to 'burn', as in an insult. Pwn'd and pwn't are it's past and present tenses. 3. To be completely cool and boss.
-After one defeats their opponent in a game-
'Dude, I pwn you.'
-After making a highly offensive statement-
-Referrign to something-
'Man, this song pwnz.'
by Pope's Secret Ninja April 10, 2005
a dumb word a bunch of pimple faced internet nerds use to show they're e-skill.
people who use the words pwn, noob, own etc, will always have thick glasses & SOMEHOW think these words are cool. say that in public and get your pepperoni face jacked.
by xxdizannyxx March 05, 2005
A different word for 'owned' that mostly people with dodgy keyboards use.
'The 7 foot cow just pwned my Mum'
by Bert Reynolds September 06, 2004
Pwn is own with a p.
Dude 1: y did j00 kil d00d t00? he kan pwn j00!!!11
Dude 3: Shut up or I'll kill you, too.
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
PWN originally came from PW OWN (password own) from the early days of PHISHING (<><'ing) -not WOW and not typos. Im sure the alliance and horde will assimalate to PWN all matters off 1eetness. (But they shall not claim this one.)
"Most of the wow n00bs will get their account pwn'd."
by Deliriant July 23, 2008
acronym for pretty-wierd-nigger, or party-while-naked
check out that Pwn. (pretty weird nigger)
by cody0826 April 26, 2008

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