To tip toe or walk softly.
I had to pussyfoot back into the house b/c i was coming in past my curfew.
by Krisy June 24, 2006
A very cute and suddenly fashion popular cartoon kitten from Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes.

She is a black and white kitty with big blue eyes with a cute and innocent disposition and a mild attitude problem.

In the last couple of years have often been featured on Warner Brothers' clothing from underwear to pajamas.
Even though that cartoon kitty Pussyfoot doesn't talk, she's still loveable.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
An unfortunate medical condition which requires a girl to wear open-toed shoes.
It's really sad that Mrs. Average has pussyfoot.
by George Carlin August 23, 2003
(noun) ;a random comeback. when in comeback battle, a response.
"your so dumb." - "yeah? well your a pussyfoot."
"stop being such a pussyfoot."
"what a loser." - "shut up pussyfoot."
by caity d December 05, 2004
A rare disorder affecting the feet. May make walking downright uncomfortable.
"Hello, boys! I have pussyfoot!"

"Yeah, you sure do. Take off your shoes and let us see!"
by CaffienatedYak June 15, 2004
When you're too scared, nervous, or wimp out to do hood rat shit with your squad.
Juan stop pussyfooting and come hang out already.
by CoastingKidd June 19, 2016
A pussyfoot is a person that will back out of many things and is a very annoying and ugly person and does not get girls.
That dude over there is such a pussyfoot
by Yadier Molina johns saint January 20, 2016
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