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To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself, like a cat circling carefuly around something it finds distasteful.
Quit pussyfooting around and face the issue head on.
by Joben May 31, 2004
A person raised in the city and accustomed to life there.
This often leads to naivety in certain matters, and sometimes unusual prejudices.

This can be quite extreme, some displaying prejudice that is in it's own right as vile as that attributed to the average red neck.

Most of them though are quite decent folk who just don't know that you can change your car's oil yourself.
Sammy Cityboy: I didn't know you had a pocket knife! why do you have a knife?
Hank Hick: It comes in handy. See? I just used it to open this package.
Sammy Cityboy: So you don't use it to like kill people?
Hank Hick: No.
Sammy Cityboy: oh...ok.
Hank Hick: ...if I wanted to do that I'd use my 12 gauge.
*Sammy faints*
Hank Hick: Sam, you're such a city slicker...that was a joke...
by Joben June 05, 2007
In a multiplayer combat game (particularly a First Person Shooter) to kill another player as they spawn. This is dishonorable because the player is unable to react before they are dead or have taken significant damage, and depending on the game may be weaponless or inadequately armed. Often abreviated to SK.

v. To spawn kill
n. One who spawn kills
"Stop spawn killing and get some skills you lamer!"

"Everyone kill the SK!"
by Joben March 10, 2004
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