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To act or proceed cautiously or timidly to avoid committing oneself, like a cat circling carefuly around something it finds distasteful.
Quit pussyfooting around and face the issue head on.
by Joben May 31, 2004
355 76
To mess around. 'No Pussyfooting' would be translated as straight to the point, without beating around the bush.
No Pussyfooting, just a straight-foreward answer
by Hayden Riach May 01, 2007
137 44
When a person keeps trying to stall or change the subject of a conversation; usually when a person is trying to hide something from you
John: "Hey, do you like Amy?"
Zack: "Well, I do, but I like her like my sister, you know? We're really good together, but I would never do anything to her, and-"
John: "Dude, quit Pussy Footing and get to the point."
by FACE! SNAP! March 09, 2010
66 27
It's not what I thought it meant.
Fez: Okay, stop pussy footing around! ...and that's not what I thought it meant.

Hyde: What are you talking about?
by Donna Forman November 03, 2011
15 17
To exhibit pussy-like qualities when having to make a decision. Typically, the condition plagues 99% of the male population at any given time.
"Dude, why is Jack pussyfooting over calling that hot babe?"

"Dude, you can't blame the guy - he just had a vasectomy!"
by ephemeralj February 23, 2010
58 80
Not coming to an actual decision on something. Easier known as "fuckin' around".
Jack wanted to go to the movies with Jane to possibly face fuck her, but he kept pussyfooting around with asking her out and lost his chance.
by J_H March 17, 2007
58 115
a phrase I like to use alot.
Audra: "quit pussy footing around"
by Audra August 21, 2003
68 155