Creatures so feeble that they chose to stop evolving and opted to rather be shepherded by a superior species. You think they love you, but don't be fooled..the second you pass out in the kitchen they're gunna eat your face and shit it out of their tiny exposed assholes...Just the belly spawn of curs and bitches..blasted out like a dump load of mulch on this earth before the runts are devoured by the mothers, while they're still wet with placenta. - puppies.
Person 1: "Look at those cute puppies..aren't they cute?"

Person 2: "no...*Recites above definition*"
#puppies #dog #puppy #canine #runt #bitch #cur #mongrel #mutt
by kappalamda August 07, 2014
(1) A thing.
(2) A person.
(1) I wouldn't mess with that puppy; it's breakable.
(2) Tom Delay is one sick puppy.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
a young actor or actress who is eager and excitable and has not yet had all of his or her dreams crushed
Sarah: I just can't wait to learn this new choreography! Even though the choreographer is famous for being the worst in the biz, I'm sure it'll be the best experience of our lives, right!?!?
Bob: Sure, puppy. Sure.
#puppy #pup #pupy #puppies #puppie
by puppadup June 11, 2015
Guys you will pet on the head but never kiss.
hey girl, cody likes you!! oh no, i could never be with him hes just a puppy.
#friend zoned #poor guy #not a boyfriend #just friend #nothing more
by yoluck March 29, 2015
(Slang) a submissive young, gay male who wears a dog collar during sexual acts with his older, dominant owner / partner
You can tell Justin is a puppy, he even wears his collar out in public.
#gay #dominant #submissive #owner #dog
by Gus Anderson January 19, 2015
A 21-23 yr old male individual who latches on to a slightly older female when in a social atmosphere. (not to be confused with a kitten which is a female of the same age)
Girl to boy: Hey Puppy can you get me a drink?

Boy to girl: Sure I'll be right back.
Friend of girl: Who's the guy with you?

Girl: oh that just my puppy.
#chopper #youngin' #cling-on #leech #kiddo
by eblossom June 30, 2011
A EMT in his or her first year of service.
Come here puppy sit good boy!
#for #or #nor #so #yet
by roy boy March 21, 2006
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