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Used to describe any young male who is cute, has soft "pet-able" hair, pretty blue eyes and has defining youthful features, ex. braces.
His girlfriend said, " You're such a puppy, Andrew!" as she ran a hand threw his hair.
by whathappens January 02, 2011
(1) A thing.
(2) A person.
(1) I wouldn't mess with that puppy; it's breakable.
(2) Tom Delay is one sick puppy.
by cornholio October 14, 2003
It means boobys
Damn check out the puppys on the chick
by Stephhy September 06, 2003
A EMT in his or her first year of service.
Come here puppy sit good boy!
by roy boy March 21, 2006
A white (appropriate) form of saying the N-Word, without appearing to be disrespectful.
"Yo puppy! Watchu doin' tonight?"

"Well I was trying to get some Ezell's, but all my puppies wanted Mad Pizza instead."

"Silly puppies"
by ThatShedKid October 02, 2011
A 21-23 yr old male individual who latches on to a slightly older female when in a social atmosphere. (not to be confused with a kitten which is a female of the same age)
Girl to boy: Hey Puppy can you get me a drink?

Boy to girl: Sure I'll be right back.
Friend of girl: Who's the guy with you?

Girl: oh that just my puppy.
by eblossom June 30, 2011
1. Dogs with in the first year.
2. The exact size of brests that you would be mosy comforable planting your face between.
Tyler loves puppys, although he will never get near hers.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003