The feeling you get when you like someone a lot. A term used by J bigga in his song "puppies", that a lot of people get confused by.
You give me puppies, puppies, puppies in my heart.
by Arsassin March 20, 2009
Slang in Oklahoma and North Texas. An interchangeable noun that can mean almost any plural object, much like the word "Smurf" in the cartoon days of old. Often used incorrectly in english with the leading word "them".
"I wanted to bring in the pecans, but them puppies just ain't hit the ground yet."

"My mom made up flapjacks today, and them puppies was delicious."
by Beezus November 07, 2004
A hopelessly cute homosexual boy of a cuddly nature; not to be confused with a cub or a twink.
puppy=Shia Labeuf
by kibblesnbits. July 01, 2009
Cute young fellow; friendly and sexy.
Larry was really attracted to Chad because Chad was such a delightful little puppy.
by fraterg May 11, 2003
1. A person who thinks you are the greatest thing ever and tries to hard to get into you circle of friends
2. your bitch
Vicky has been shadowing me all week. I think I've found myself a new puppy

Emily asked that boy for a water and he came back with three different brands. What a puppy
by Art Vanderbilt December 22, 2008
a guy on a leash from his gf
did you hear how cam cant hang out with his friends cuz his gf doesnt want him to? he is such a puppy.
by *nessaaa* September 09, 2007
A freshman who follows around upperclassmen
"Did you see that puppy hanging out with the senior?"
by Theaterhobo July 02, 2005

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