device used by men to talk to any random hot girl
guy walking through the park with a golden retriever puppy

girl: awww hes so cute

guy: thanks. want to go to dairy queen with me, uhh, us? im getting some ice cream for little max here.

girl: thats so sweet, of course i will

guy thinks: hehehe, works everytime...
by itstruemanhehe August 01, 2010
A pet name. Mostly for a cute shaggy hair girl or boy. One with blue, green or brown eyes.
She/He is my puppy.
by AlienCow February 02, 2010
A word that can be used to describe any object or thing.
Send me those puppies will you?
by Jamesie July 20, 2007
The term given to a young gay male fling, also see Chew toy

A puppy is generally not old enough to drink and will most likely go home with you.

Puppies will often get attached very quickly , in order to prevent "issues" like these , you must seperate yourself from the puppy upon completion of sexual acts.

You can at that point toss it right back in the street where it came from.
Awwww, look at that cute gogo puppy! It looks so sweet and innocent, I have to hurt it.

Never let a backpack totting puppy in your apartment. It will never leave.
by D.G.M. May 12, 2007
Used to describe any young male who is cute, has soft "pet-able" hair, pretty blue eyes and has defining youthful features, ex. braces.
His girlfriend said, " You're such a puppy, Andrew!" as she ran a hand threw his hair.
by whathappens January 02, 2011
A term used to call your man to seem cutesy and girly. It's also perfect to call them if you want a favor.
Amanda: "Hey puppy, will you give me a foot massage??"

Douglas: "Of course baby, anything for you. I love when you call me puppy."

....See ( :
by x3dunkin February 16, 2010
Something that you violently ram your penis into over and over without ceasing.
Bob: I had a great time playing with my puppy last night
Jim: I love to play with my puppy
by HoverKitteh July 17, 2011
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