It means boobys
Damn check out the puppys on the chick
by Stephhy September 06, 2003
somebody that is in love with a Kitty
- Hey did you hear Pat B likes Kitty?
- Yea he's such a puppy!
by Ryan Amado the Gangster December 02, 2009
1. Dogs with in the first year.
2. The exact size of brests that you would be mosy comforable planting your face between.
Tyler loves puppys, although he will never get near hers.
by Jimboozie October 15, 2003
A white (appropriate) form of saying the N-Word, without appearing to be disrespectful.
"Yo puppy! Watchu doin' tonight?"

"Well I was trying to get some Ezell's, but all my puppies wanted Mad Pizza instead."

"Silly puppies"
by ThatShedKid October 02, 2011
Code word for weed.
Person A: Hey! You got the puppies?
Person B: Yes siree!
by pinwheelllll June 05, 2011
a word meaning pussy when ones t9 cant function when texting.
guy- "can i see your puppy?"
prude- "i dont have a dog..."
guy- "no i meant your pussy my t9 was being retarted"
prude- "EWWWY no get away!"
by Mimi121 July 10, 2008
an object you have affection for, like a car or a even a computer.
Let's get this puppy to run properly.
by Mickey E July 20, 2005
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