(pronounced PUP-PEES), 1. reference to soft, large female breasts, 2.Sex tools that can be played with when choppy lets them out of their material cage.
Did you see those puppies, each one was a double hander.
He was able to slip it in right between her puppies to his delight.
by Tony March 05, 2004
A puppy is a person, usually a man, who is weak and frail and would probably get his ass kicked on any street block in the world. What started as an attempt to bust someones balls, my boy PH, was texting in T9 word to his boy and was trying to type "pussy". Of course "puppy" came up instead and the word was born.
You not goin to the gym in the morning? What a puppy!

The "Ace" is a puppy for getting his nose knocked on the wrong side of his face.
by XdfX October 13, 2007
A person obdenit (sp?) to his/her master. The "puppy" praises his/her master while hating everything dis-likeing the master's enemies.
Sylvax is VT's puppy.
by MetaKnight September 18, 2003
someone younger than you. Commonly of the opposite sex who is silly and makes lots of mistakes similar to how puppy dogs get into trouble..
and will showcase their cute eyes to try and get out of the trouble.

Jessica: Ahh! do you think this belt of bullets its going to explode on me?
Tim: No, you silly puppy!
by Timtastico February 22, 2011
A cover-up word for "Pussy." Comes from trying to text "Pussy" in WORD on cell phones.
Dave is being a lil puppy and won't go out tonight.

Jenna is a puppy.

Aright I'm bein' out, later puppies.
by Tall Greg January 08, 2011
something that dies everytime you kiss someone before your married according to our bus driver.
*gasp!* ali you just killed a puppy!!!!!
by sparklefarey October 10, 2010
Small cuddly creature that needs a koala for company and love, should always have a wet nosey and needs lots of attention. Also very skilled with his paws, a big fan of naughty paws and good at wiggling his bottom when driving
Puppy's building me a bathroom
by x-o-x November 06, 2007
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