In 1997 or so, Yahoo! chat made it so that (for a few days, anyway) if you typed "blow job" into the chat window, what would appear on the screen was "puppy."
clueless person: "I didn't type puppy! I typed puppy!"

smart person, saying the same thing for the millionth time that hour: "If you type "bl0w j0b" (with 'o's instead of '0's), it comes out "puppy.""
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
Things used to bait the kiddies.
Man: "I have some puppies in my van."

Boy: "Oh gee-wizz, puppies!"

Man: "Mmmm"
by Olshan February 21, 2008
A man under the age of 25, because they are still trainable.

Have you seen Melissa's new puppy, Chris? He is even better trained than the last one.
by Mel F. May 02, 2007
Women's Breasts. Phrase Coined By Jerry "The King" Lawler Of WWE Fame.
"Look At Those Puppies!!" - Jerry "The King" Lawler
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
1. makes bad people go good
2. makes straight men go gay
3. makes everybody no matter who you say the biggest "AWWWWWWWW, how cute!!" you will ever say.
Straightest of straits "OMG, THAT PUPPY MAKES ME FEEL SO GAY!"
by Jessica+Russell <3 February 09, 2009
a cute, whiney girl who uses her innate cuteness to manipulate and tease.
man, jackie's such a puppy.
by dagger_grrl February 13, 2004
a topic, subject, issue
used as government lingo
let's put this puppy to bed for now.
by susann October 14, 2004
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