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to fart
EW, why did you puff? now it smells bad
by car1y03 August 31, 2010
0 5
a man who is gay or is acting really queerly.
1. will young is a puff
2. stop acting like a puff!!!
by donia September 21, 2003
805 442
a magical dragon who lives by the sea
Singer: Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea, lalalala
by Mooseh November 11, 2004
809 465
yet another word for marijuana, usually refering to cannabis resin. Native to the British Isles, in particular the south.
"oi mate, do you wanna go for a smoke?"
"yeah, have you got any puff?"
and so on.....
by Cyril Comstock June 09, 2004
468 282
To steal an item by hiding it in a puffy jacket.
"I totally puffed these two Red Bulls from the store."

"I've been caught puffing three times now, I can't go in Walgreens anymore."
by Daddy Bok December 16, 2009
187 131
The best, coolest and sexiest pinoy around.
Hi, are you Puff?
by J4MES October 04, 2009
187 154
German slang for a brothel.
When Puffs Tissues began marketing to Germany, they did not find out until it was too late that "puff" is colloquial slang for a whorehouse.
by Loreleili February 18, 2006
111 96
1)to inhale, usually from a cigarette.
2)4 puffs = a drag
3)last 4 puffs = kill
4)last puff = LP
5)half of a smoke = deuce
1) Jessica, give me a puff of your smoke.
2) you wanna give me a drag on that cigarette?
3) Give me deuce on that butt and I'll deuce one with you later.
4) *Jessica lights a cigarette*
Tony: I call deuce!
by radioslut* June 08, 2005
97 87