1)to inhale, usually from a cigarette.
2)4 puffs = a drag
3)last 4 puffs = kill
4)last puff = LP
5)half of a smoke = deuce
1) Jessica, give me a puff of your smoke.
2) you wanna give me a drag on that cigarette?
3) Give me deuce on that butt and I'll deuce one with you later.
4) *Jessica lights a cigarette*
Tony: I call deuce!
by radioslut* June 08, 2005
The action of inhaling then exhaling some type of smoke preferably marijuana or tobacco.
"Hey Mary take a few puffs of this doobie, the taste is great!"

"Light it up and take a puff, pass it to me now." - Nelly

Puff,puff, pass.
by Bubba (Forest) Gump August 31, 2013
A really soft brand of tissues that is great for masturbating with. They put some kind of lotion in it which makes it really soft and frictionless.
Oh man, I'm so horny, I need to rub one out. I ran out of KY Jelly so I'll just use a few Puffs.
by alex richardsonsteinburg March 26, 2009
an extremely warm and snuggly quilted comforter
oh my lord this puff is so comfortable I COULD JUST DIE
by songbird94 May 05, 2013
A homosexual, the poor man's term for homosexual. Often mistaken to be spelt 'poof'.
Jim is a puff
by GirlfKnowsBest January 28, 2014
a person's entire lifetime.
"Here I was surrounded by my family and my so-called mates and I've never felt so alone. Never in all my puff." -Mark Renton, Trainspotting
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
Someone who sleeps while his friends do all the work.
Greg was being a puffs when he slept in, while his friends did all the shoveling.
by DisgruntledShoveler February 19, 2014

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