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The place your dad sneaks out to while your mom is on her period or pregnant.
"Son, Daddy's going out of town on a buisness trip for the weekend."
by Sgt. Stfu September 20, 2004
Place that houses whores.
Your mom lives in a whorehouse.
by Travman December 03, 2002
n. a house inhabited by whores.
Child: Where does that whore live?
Mother: In a whore house, silly.
(Mother and Child in unison): Ha Ha Ha!
by MartinRocks April 05, 2006
The common iPhone auto-correct for Whitehouse, but apple got one right this time.
1. "Mommy, I'm taking a tour of the whorehouse today!"
by Whorehouse#2 November 04, 2011
Sland for the Texas Roadhouse restaurant due to the fact that they only hire really attractive girls.
You going to the whorehouse tonight for dinner?
by Geena D May 27, 2008
Where your mom works.
Banana man picked up an uncovered bowl and smashed it over my head
by whamawhama May 16, 2004
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