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a man who is gay or is acting really queerly.
1. will young is a puff
2. stop acting like a puff!!!
by donia September 21, 2003
a really cool girl with loadsa talent and is a good friend 2 have and 1 day sshe will take over the world - just you wait and see
donia is the best
by DoNiA October 05, 2003
also means gettin really hyped up or extremely into something
that music in the club tonite was goin sick!

did u see him dancin? he was goin sick!
by donia November 09, 2003
fit member ov blazin and very good mc
rocky-b wha gwan baby?
by donia November 09, 2003
fit member of blazin squad almost as fit as kenzie!!
spike-e is a well good mc an hes pretty damn buff too!
by donia November 09, 2003
annuva fit member of blazin
and a proper top mc
melo-d is sooo fine and hes sooo talented
by donia November 09, 2003
one of the best mcs in blazin
and a good singer
i dont fancy krazy but hes a wicked mc an he s-p-i-t-s out his rhymes and has a proper good singin voice
by donia November 09, 2003
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