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1) (n) Long Play, a nine or ten song regular tape.

2) (n) A vinyl record.
1) Get that Tupac LP right quick

2) Im lookin for some Eazy-E LP's
by ac January 31, 2004
Contrary to the EP (Extended Play), the LP is usually 40 minutes or more of music and more than 10 songs.
Did you heard the Snoop Dogg new LP?
by Ez-Toni November 23, 2006
Limp Penis
-when a man is unable to get an erection while "trying" to engage in coitus or fellatio
That man has MAD LP and really really needs to get Viagra.
by Erection Doctor October 13, 2011
L.P. is an abbreviation for the words Let's Play. Usually meant for games like a tutorial.
My first LP will be Zelda Ocarina of Time.
I'm going to be an LPer soon.
by QZS September 11, 2010
(L.P.S) Lost Puppy Syndrome refers to a friend, individual or person who tends to not be capable of doing things on there own. One who isn't able to go out and find things for themselves. They prefer to travel with at least one or more individuals to go from place to place. This generally is the case for that one friend who can't go to a party themselves. They tend to be avoided by most people.
Example Situation 1

(Person 1) Wheres the party at?
(Person 2) (Insert place of party here) i'll see you there
(Person 1) Oh could you come meet me at (Insert Place of meeting)
(Person 2) Nah get your ass up here!

By the end of the night Person 2 is totally shwasted while Person 1 sits in their room all night.

Example Situation 2

(Person A) Dude he really has L.P.S
(Person B) Oh whats L.P.S
(Person A) Thats just Lost Puppy Syndrome
by Mangocruz February 27, 2010
Long Play.
Used firstly for vinyls, it used now to qualify albums.
Contrary to EP (Extended Play), the LP contain more than 10 tracks.
Snoop dogg's new LP.
by Ez-Toni November 23, 2006
A strange creature who is known to listen to a lot of metal, but have hipster tendencies.

He is usually very well endowed.
I dated a musician once, but he totally ended up being a total L-P.
by showgoer October 04, 2012
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