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A homosexual, the poor man's term for homosexual. Often mistaken to be spelt 'poof'.
Jim is a puff
by GirlfKnowsBest January 28, 2014
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Puff (pronounced as Poof) in German means brothel.
Poof in UK English slang means homosexual. Donia is wrong to say that Puff (with the U pronounced as in Puck) means gay. It has to be spelt Poof for it to mean gay.
Puff Mutti (in German) - pronounced Poof-Mooti = whore house.
Quentin Crisp was an effeminate poof.
by scaramouche July 17, 2013
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n. Puff A pheromone that is released when one is tired causing others to be tired as well.

v. Puffing being in a state of eXtreme eXhaustion, specifically referring to the moment prior to passing out.

Etymology: to Jiggly-Puff, a creature capable of KO-ing people at any moment
n. Wow, you look tired, I can total feel your puff from this side of the room.

v. yea, works sucks and ive been getting zero sleep. Im Totally Puffing.
by Seanglish fused Tinalogy August 28, 2008
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awesome, wicked, cool, the ultimate.
Off an aussie Dominos Pizza Ad.
That CD is so puff. I want some
by hannnah March 21, 2006
6 9
A retarded way of saying: Wicked, cool the ultimate

On a scale of 1 - Awesome, Puff is poo on a stick
J: wow that was puff
K: fool!
by BANANANANANAAN March 22, 2006
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Puff: sl. n. (early-mid-19C) wind, breath. 2 (1920s+) life, esp. As in my puff, on my puff. (SE pff, to discharge a puff of air).
You never saw the like of it in all your born puff.
James Joyce, Ulysses, PICADOR, 1998, p. 329.
by Petyush March 27, 2005
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slang for poof
shut it ya puff
david reid
by wazz February 13, 2003
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