a person who is or claims to be shocked of matters relating to sex and nudity.
"I showed Helen a picture of my dick today and she screamed"

"Wow, what a prude"
by lovewithsky June 03, 2009
1. A person that won't do anything sexual with someone of the opposite attraction due to high standards or personal values, usually a derogatory term.
2. A person that is unsuccessful with someone of the opposite attraction, also derogatory.
1. She said she wouldn't give me head cause it was demeaning to women. What a prude!
2. Look at what a prude he is! He couldn't even get a whore in bed!
by Guiseppesmurf July 10, 2008
a girl/guy who finds sexual activities such as sex, grinding, kissing, lap dancing and other type of sexual activities gross, immoral, shameful, or just plain out weird. They also think that anyone that does this stuff is a skank, whore, slut, or prostitute
Jon: Amanda your so prude.

Amanda: I'm not prude!

Stranger Girl: hey baby i missed you

Stranger Boy: i missed you too

*stranger girl gives stranger boy a blowjob in the middle of the park*

Amanda: OMG that is so disgusting! shes in 8th grade!
shes such a whore!

Jon: hey will you do me after?

Stranger Girl: sure, your so hot i won't even charge you =]

Jon: Victory!!!

Amanda: OMG! im gettin outta here
by purtyravegirl June 13, 2008
Someone who respects and cares about their own body and doesn't involve themselves around any sexual activity such as sex or anything related to that. They are people who want to save themselves for someone they truly care about but who are also scared of revealing themselves because they see a negative image of themselves. These are people that don't want to get a bad name spot risk the chance of pregnancy or diseases at a young age and boys call them prudes to try to force them into something they don't want to do. This is someone that wants to wait for the right person since you only loose your virginity once
Boy: Urgh you don't do anything!! Your such a prude
Girl:I'm waiting for someone who deserves me
Boy: b u know I love u
Girl: until I have a ring on my finger he answers no,I'm not just gonna throw away my body like that
by katherine patnode March 29, 2015
one who is afraid to do something with the opposite sex or gender.
1. dude he is so fucking prude!! he won't kiss her!!!
by blah shit March 28, 2010
An individual both male or female who cannot or will not engage in prolonged sexual activity.
Gwen could not be sexually stimulated longer than five minutes. She is such a prude!
by Prudinator February 05, 2014
A little boney girl who always wears her hair in a braid. She always makes disapproving faces and judges her friends for things that aren't even that bad.
Oh man! Brittany is such a prude.
by Master Williams April 05, 2015
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