Usually refers to a person (mainly a woman) who does not wish to engage in any type of sexual behavior. A prude holds higher standards than most people. In some instances it can refer to someone who just doesn't do bad things or does not want to break the rules.
Example 1:
Mr. X: I can't get Jessica to have sex with me because she thinks abstinence is the only way and she'll only marry a Christian. She's such a prude!
Example 2:
Mr. X: Hey do you want to go see the new James Bond movie?
Mr's Y: Oh no thanks! I don't see pg-13 movies. Their too violent, sexual, and immoral.
Mr. X: You prude!
by Rainbow55 December 01, 2007
Something a guy calls a girl because she won't hook up with him, when, in all reality, she just thinks he is repulsive; an ego booster.
1. God, she wouldn't kiss me. She's such a prude.

2. Dude, she said I was gross. She's such a prude.

3. "She wasn't drunk enough."
"God, she's such a prude."
by Chloeeeeee January 30, 2008
Typically an attractive, successful conservative with a University education and a career path planned out. They might dress provocative(classy) at work, in public or a night out on the town but not to be misled thinking they are looking for sex. They want to be 'noticed' and respected for being an attractive lady. They might hope to grab the attentions of a respectable gentleman who won't try to sleep with them but rather entertain them and make them enjoy their night out.

Prudes compromise the vast majority of normal younger working ladies in a city enivornment. Being a prudent person is considered a compliment or 'higher ideal' to them rather than an insult as some losers out there try but fail to imply. Prudes can be vehemently opposed to 'getting laid' or just laugh at the girls who do get laid like 'stupid, will they ever learn?'
A girl asks another girl in the office, 'So Jennifer did you get laid again?' She just looks over smiling and proudly proclaims, 'he was wonderful and lasted all night!.' The other prude girls giggle and one whispers, 'I feel so sorry for her.'
by honestguy87110 August 16, 2009
A person that is excessively moral or modest, not only in sexual matters, but also in matters concerning mischief, alcohol, drug use, and other things. The word is often used in teasing, mocking, or insult.
John: Aw man, I can't believe Sheila's going out with Brad. I love her!

Pierce: Hey! I have an idea: *takes out a package of powder* Let's put this fart powder in his drink. What a date it will be!

John: What?! We can't do that, it's wrong! Besides, if she's happy with him, then I'm satisfied.

Pierce: Geez, John, you're such a prude! You really oughta be a little more, well, competetive, if you wanna get a girlfriend.
by Wolfe Procter March 19, 2008
Someone who is scared or shy to be sexually attended with the same or opposite sex. Someone who doesn't or is to affraid to be sexual with their partner.
Whenever John tries to kiss me, he backs away. People say he's prude.
by my name is kate October 28, 2006
Taken from the term "prod femmes" in pre-revolutionary France, used to describe proud, wise and virtuous women. These days, it's more of a discriminatory word, stating that women could be "too" proper, too wise, and so on, especially when not interested in sex. It's also a word men think they can use in order to get women to perform sexual favours with them, and in order to put them down a notch - which is absolute bullshit. The word prude may not seem like a good term, but it in fact is a compliment suggesting a lesser ID and a higher intelligence and a stronger will and confidence than most.

This is an excellent definition which someone else posted but which I have tweaked to fit nicely on mug. It was 2 words too long.
She won't have sex with me even though we've been going out for a whole week. What a prude!
by vomithrt August 02, 2009
Something my dad called me when I told him I wasn't going to kiss my boyfriend for a while becuase it didn't feel right. I mean WTF? You're my freaking dad. If anything you should be happy.
Tom: Rachel is SUCH a prude. I mean she wont even kiss me and it's been one whole hour! How dare she respect herself like that.

Jason: Yeah man, what's with women and respect these days? Who needs respect?

Tom: Totally, I mean it's always way more fun to sleep with everyone you meet as soon as you meet them and get STD's :D
by Bobthebuilderistotalycool January 07, 2011

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