1. a person, usually a girl, who refuses to engage in any sexual act with the oposite sex.

2.in some high schools and junior highs, a prude is someone who hasn't hooked up (hook up: tongue kissing) with another person yet.
1. "Gah, Emily is such a prude, she won't even give me a head."

2. Sister 1: "Yeah, I heard that Matt is still a prude."

Sister 2: "I know. Wendy wanted to deprude him but he refused."
by lalalove<3 August 25, 2009
Something that narrow-minded conservatives always deny they are before trying to ban something.
I'm not a prude, but I don't think that's appropriate.
by uncle whippity January 16, 2004
catherine prada is a prude ;)
prudes are bad ;)
by yebuddy69 November 05, 2011
Girl who doesnt want to do anything before marriage shes a prude
Bethani is such a prude!
by Adamthemysterio December 03, 2009
someone who is afraid of anything relating to sex
Dayum son emily is a prude!!!
by brow,e September 30, 2009
A guy/girl won't touch anything or anyone sexually or is too shy and won't admit it.
David Correa is the biggest prude I've ever met. He's scared to even touch his girlfriend.
by QueTal? July 03, 2009
(n.) Someone who loves to give the image of being in a relationship, but is afraid to act like it in the bedroom.
"Be thou chaste as ice", said Hamlet to the prude, Ophelia.
by Richtorius October 24, 2008
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