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not wanting to do something with a person in a sexual way
omg anna is soo prude
by sasa#2 August 13, 2009
someone who is afraid of anything relating to sex
Dayum son emily is a prude!!!
by brow,e September 30, 2009
A guy/girl won't touch anything or anyone sexually or is too shy and won't admit it.
David Correa is the biggest prude I've ever met. He's scared to even touch his girlfriend.
by QueTal? July 03, 2009
Girl who doesnt want to do anything before marriage shes a prude
Bethani is such a prude!
by Adamthemysterio December 03, 2009
you have not gotten with someone or made out with someone. if you are depruded you have gotten with someone
Boy: wanna get with me?

Girl: No way your still prude. you dont know what to do.
by soccergirl1218 June 20, 2009
someone who wont engage in sexual activities or someone no one wants to engage with
she wont have sex with me, wat a prude

god no guy wants to hook up with me. Im such a fuckin prude.
by bakerrrrrr October 05, 2009
When someone forces you to go out with them, and then gets mad when you don't want to make out with their ugly ass.
"Wtf. She's prude. She won't even make out with me."

"Wow, I wonder why."
by CutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyes February 15, 2008