A little boney girl who always wears her hair in a braid. She always makes disapproving faces and judges her friends for things that aren't even that bad.
Oh man! Brittany is such a prude.
by Master Williams April 05, 2015
The rejection of doing anything sexual or remotely sexual
matt: Haley McComas what did you do this weekend?
Haley: I went to the movies and yelled at the guy i went with because he put his arm around me
matt: wow youre so prude
by matt.dude. March 20, 2011
a 40+ woman named Sheri that only does it missionary
Don't be such a prude, let him sodomize you.
by reaper007 September 24, 2014
n. a person who has never made out with another person before.
Did you guys hook up?

Lets just say she isn't a prude anymore?
by grossgirl7 June 15, 2012
Someone who is afraid or shy of doing anything sexual with the opposite sex.
Person 1: Did Devon and you do anything last night?

Person 2: No, hes prude so all we did was watch a movie.

Person 1: Really? Me and Derek got it in!

Person 2: Lucky..
by bananasareyummy March 19, 2011
(n) in modern terms, a person who has not yet lost his/her tongue/mouth "virginity"

in slang terms, a person who has not yet gotten his/her tongue raped my someone else's lips/tongue :)
Dude 1: Dude, are you two still prude?

Dude 2: Yeah man.

Dude 1: WTF man?! Go make out with her already.
by Pandemoniumm November 17, 2010
not wanting to do something with a person in a sexual way
omg anna is soo prude
by sasa#2 August 13, 2009
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