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one who is afraid to do something with the opposite sex or gender.
1. dude he is so fucking prude!! he won't kiss her!!!
by blah shit March 28, 2010
A woman or man who is prideful and thinks being prude is the right way of living, but in actuality being prude is a social norm of our society. We are all brain washed to think being prude is just being proper or having respect for our body but that is just a line that is used for it to make people who are prude feel better about themselfs but if you like being a slave to social norms be prude then i guess you like being sheep.
i shall not have any fun at clubs or partys, why go to clubs when i can hang out at my house alone. PRUDE
by Meeken May 14, 2013
n. a person who has never made out with another person before.
Did you guys hook up?

Lets just say she isn't a prude anymore?
by grossgirl7 June 15, 2012
Someone who is afraid or shy of doing anything sexual with the opposite sex.
Person 1: Did Devon and you do anything last night?

Person 2: No, hes prude so all we did was watch a movie.

Person 1: Really? Me and Derek got it in!

Person 2: Lucky..
by bananasareyummy March 19, 2011
Something that narrow-minded conservatives always deny they are before trying to ban something.
I'm not a prude, but I don't think that's appropriate.
by uncle whippity January 16, 2004
catherine prada is a prude ;)
prudes are bad ;)
by yebuddy69 November 05, 2011
1. a person, usually a girl, who refuses to engage in any sexual act with the oposite sex.

2.in some high schools and junior highs, a prude is someone who hasn't hooked up (hook up: tongue kissing) with another person yet.
1. "Gah, Emily is such a prude, she won't even give me a head."

2. Sister 1: "Yeah, I heard that Matt is still a prude."

Sister 2: "I know. Wendy wanted to deprude him but he refused."
by lalalove<3 August 25, 2009