When a girl doesn't do sexual activitys besides kiss for any reason at all also known as a shreya
Man we were all alone and she would do ANYTHING! Such a prude...

Yeah such a Shreya.
by Weeeedude September 01, 2013
The rejection of doing anything sexual or remotely sexual
matt: Haley McComas what did you do this weekend?
Haley: I went to the movies and yelled at the guy i went with because he put his arm around me
matt: wow youre so prude
by matt.dude. March 20, 2011
Someone who is afraid or shy of doing anything sexual with the opposite sex.
Person 1: Did Devon and you do anything last night?

Person 2: No, hes prude so all we did was watch a movie.

Person 1: Really? Me and Derek got it in!

Person 2: Lucky..
by bananasareyummy March 19, 2011
(n) in modern terms, a person who has not yet lost his/her tongue/mouth "virginity"

in slang terms, a person who has not yet gotten his/her tongue raped my someone else's lips/tongue :)
Dude 1: Dude, are you two still prude?

Dude 2: Yeah man.

Dude 1: WTF man?! Go make out with her already.
by Pandemoniumm November 17, 2010
one who is afraid to do something with the opposite sex or gender.
1. dude he is so fucking prude!! he won't kiss her!!!
by blah shit March 28, 2010
not wanting to do something with a person in a sexual way
omg anna is soo prude
by sasa#2 August 13, 2009
n. a person who has never made out with another person before.
Did you guys hook up?

Lets just say she isn't a prude anymore?
by grossgirl7 June 15, 2012

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