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For one to nut in a girls mouth.
I gave michelle a protein shake for breakfast..
by war-su-gi January 24, 2003
A sexual act in which one person shoots jizz (a protein shot) into the other's mouth and then shake their head vigorously.
Gwen: "Let's get out of here and grab a beer."
Richard: "Are you insane? You know my midterm and finals ritual. I study til 11, 9 solid hours of sleep, protein shake in the morning."
(from 'Van Wilder')
by Nick D February 26, 2004
In the world of strength-athleticism, supplements for growth are often used. Protein shakes are powedered substances which are mixed with milk, oragange juice etc. to produce a drink apporoximately 70% protein.

consumed after exercise, the protein rebuilds the muscle bigger and stronger.
MMMMMM, banana flavour!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
a silly metaphor for semen
"Last night Amber swallowed a big cup of my protein shake. She said it was deeeeee-liscious!"
#skeet #semen #sperm #cum #jizz
by B.Diddy August 02, 2007
The Sexual process of masturbating a male and catching the semen in your mouth.
Hooker: I like to keep myself healthy by enjoying a protein shake right after a heavy workout session.
#handjob #blowjob #blowie #knock off #safe hands.
by Jared Ellis March 09, 2008
-Yo, she really took your protein shake?
-Hell yeah! She swallowed like a pro!
#semen #sperm #shake #protein #spunk
by ripR1 August 16, 2008
A cup full of spermies. Yum!
Mmm... delicious.
by junglejenga April 13, 2004
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