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a finguring motion with a flicking of fingures and a twisting wrist motion while motion your arm up and down
kyle pulled out the blender on a willing lady.
by krazykm September 20, 2010
The blender is a message board on the Internet where people post various kinds of pictures, fanfics and comics. Either stupid threads are made or genius threads are created.

Also Isalidi Crest, a certain member in The Blender is made of fail, ebola, AIDs and diarrhea
The Blender, serious business.
by Setoshi November 15, 2006

The Blender is the most amazing group of people known to mankind. Each person in the group must go through initiation, pick a fruit, and go through extensive Blender training. Participating in Blender meetings and memorizing the many rules of the blender is mandatory. The Blender strives to make this world a better place, one fruit at a time. It will change you're life.
Dan: "Whoa! Those people look like the most *amaaazziiinng*, intelligent, hilarious people I've ever seen. They couldn't possibly be from this planet"

Brandon: "Yup, that's App and Naner from The Blender. I wish I could be in the Blender"
by Nappers October 08, 2011
This is when you're passionately tussling with your significant other, when all of a sudden, you yell, "BLENDER!" and proceed to stick your tongue in their lips and make your tongue move in circles in the motion that the blade at the bottom of a blender makes. May have other connotations when done to a woman's other lips.
-Dude, did you give her The Blender?
-Ya, she hasn't been able to touch her lips in a week!
by onateag January 25, 2011
Similar to the helicopter, The Blender is a sexual position wherein the giving party lays down with penis vertical and erect. The taker then inserts the penis in whatever oraphus they choose and spins on the dick with limbs up in the air mimicking the blades at the bottom of a conventional kitchen blender).
"Hey Travis, let's do The Blender, but this time, be sure to get your legs all the way up!"

"Well, there's nothing else to do"
by Chupalo August 08, 2005
First you shit in a girls mouth so she chokes on it, then give her a minute. Then you jizz in her mouth. Take the blender you have near by and blender the mix and kill her.
Friend: Why are you dressed for a funeral?
You: I gave my girlfriend the blender last night... you know how that goes!
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