Basically, the combination of procrastination and masturbation. The constant need to masterbate when you should really be doing something more productive with your life. It generally makes you feel relieved until you realise you just wasted 2-30 minutes of potential studying, getting yourself off.
1. Student - "You ready for this exam buddy"

Student 2 - "Fuck no, I barely studied at all. Last night I procrasturbated like it was going out of style."

2. Student - "Shit these exams have been going on way too long, my dick is red raw from so much procrasturbation!"
by Des-Troy May 19, 2010
Top Definition
procrastinating by masturbating!
I don't want to do my homework so I procrasturbated.
by kwang June 04, 2003
Masturbating to avoid doing work.
No, I havent started the paper, I've been procrasturbating.
by Eric April 15, 2003
n. to avoid work by masturbating.
I didn't feel like working on my novel so, instead, i just lay around procrasturbating.
by darren o'donnell July 17, 2004
Wanking when you are supposed to be working.
Tim never did his homework and eventually failed chemistry due to his constant procrasturbation when he was supposed to be studying.
by Jurmajesty November 12, 2007
1. noun
To procrastinate by means of masturbating.

2. noun
To procrastinate while masturbating.
1. I still have to write this eulogy, but I just keep procrasturbating all night.

2. Well, I was gonna masturbate, but I kinda ended up writing this eulogy instead. You know me and procrasturbation.
by Spirit_Stiff November 16, 2007
the act of masturbating when you should really be doing something else.
Mom: "Jimmy, are you done with your project that's due tomorrow?
Jimmy: "Ummm, almost mom."
Mom: "Jimmy quit procrasturbating, you're gonna fail your class and go blind!!"

Procrasturbation is a grade killer
by Tommy Maddox January 24, 2007
what you do when you want to waste time before studying (procrastinate by masturbating)
"man i love procasturbating"
by steen tee April 18, 2003
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