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1. noun
To procrastinate by means of masturbating.

2. noun
To procrastinate while masturbating.
1. I still have to write this eulogy, but I just keep procrasturbating all night.

2. Well, I was gonna masturbate, but I kinda ended up writing this eulogy instead. You know me and procrasturbation.
by Spirit_Stiff November 16, 2007

One who regularly visits or posts in a blog
"You're a regular blogonaut."
by Spirit_Stiff March 16, 2007
Any kind of blowjob that involves the use of blue food coloring.
"Do you do fetish? 'Cause I got this big thing for the color blue..."

"You mean like a bluejob? It'll cost extra."

by Spirit_Stiff May 29, 2007

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