Eh fuck it...I'll define it later...
procrastination is alot like masturbation in that it might feel really good, but in the end your only fucking yourself.
by preppyguy21 September 15, 2004
Procrastination is a plague that quickly spreads through crowds of students. It is most commonly found in high schools, where teenagers make up the highest contamination rates. It is airborne and extremely dangerous; infection can occur even if there is no contact with an infected person.

Side-effects may (but do not always) include (but are not limited to): loss of sleep, rushed accomplishment of tasks, getting grounded, receiving bad grades, stress, and self-hate.

If you find yourself putting-off important tasks to do unnecessary things YOU HAVE MOST LIKELY BEEN INFECTED.

There is no defined cure for procrastination, the lucky few who are able to rid themselves of this disease do so with very specific methods that often work only on a case-by-case basis, your best hope of survival is to fight the virus whenever it tries to take control of you.

Recommended weapon of defense: will power.
Jack: Oh man! I should start that English paper due tomorrow, but I can't stop reading these funny jokes online. How about you Josh, having the same problem?

Josh: Nope. I have will-power so no procrastination.
#slacking-off #off-task #working #responsible #will-power
by nerdwithswag December 30, 2011
Watching people eat your Cosmic Bacon Orb in Restaurant City while making out with your best friend, when you should be doing something productive. But meh, you'll just go back into your best friend and have hot passionate make-out sessions.
"Ah dang, I should be memorizing my lines for Spanish, but my best friend seems a lot more alluring, and he is just too cute...especially when he falls for my man-bitch schemes. So I'll go and make out with him, since he still owes me a lesson on how to be a good kisser ^^ Oya, I just leveled up my Cosmic Meat Orb dish in Restaurant City, so I'll let the people have that dish, while I make out. This is procrastination at its finest"
#kiss #restaurant #bacon #making out #man-bitch
by V_For_Vendetta February 17, 2010
ill do this tommorow
An example of procrastination is..... I'll finish this tomorrow.
#procastinate #later #wait #time-wasting #spending
by fod2 June 05, 2010
the art of setting something aside so we can finish it all off in one go :P
Procrastination is the way!
#procrastination #procrastinate #proco #proca #procating
by peace143 February 07, 2010
delaying of some job until later; may be due to lack of enthusiasm or tiredness.
Procrastinator's motto:- Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.

"I must do something about my procrastination, next year."
#do it later #delay #forgetful #laziness #tiredness #can't be bothered
by Pro-Love Girl April 25, 2010
Facebook, MySpace, etc.
I think i've typed more on Facebook chat than i did my last research paper. (procrastination)
#procrastinate #masterbate #procrastination #facebook #myspace #fail
by sirenge February 16, 2009
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