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Evil, pure evil. Its basically not a discussion, but a gathering of all your infomation on a certain topic.
Botany: root growth, development etc. etc. etc.
by FAIFJAEI November 04, 2003
all forms of evil brought together in the form of a paper you gather pointless information.usually assigned by the most obnoxious teacher that no one likes
my research paper is due tomorrow.
by georgia rain March 22, 2009
a paper that you will write almost every year in high school or maybe not. usually a new format every year because the old one you spent hours doing is wrong. you have to cite your sources which your most likely fake and just put some fake names and books you only copied the title from.
cool i got a D, and i spent hours revising my old research paper
by hooptiehandler90 October 21, 2008
A written composition usually consisting of ten pages about useless crap that can be found much more easily on the internet by ten years that you are forced to write at least once to two times in your life.
Man I have a 12 page research paper due TOMMORROW!!! What do I do?

Don't worry just find one on the internet, change it up a bit, and find some bullshit sources and there you go.
by The DeLaney July 07, 2009
Any tissue/paper used to clean up after a session of heavy research
Andy's room was covered in research papers - he had been storing them for weeks.
by si29uk August 13, 2007
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