what myself, and probably 99% of people reading this are doing right now.

you get all jiggly because you know, you should not be doing this and should do work, but you just can't be fucked.


or in basic terms, putting something off such as work- normally of the actually very important variety, to just laze around, normally on the internet.

and for those freaks that have a weird ability to not procrastinate and can just concentrate, with the motto "do work now, relax later" FUCK YOU.
as much as I love writing an essay on nazi germay, i think i will procrastinate by writing the definition of procrastination on urban dictionary.


when you've got a fuck load of work:
"don't get distracted, don't get distracted
ah, fuck it, i'll just check my notifications"
*3 hours later*

by ninjaamoves January 26, 2011
procrastination is like masturbation it feels good when you do it but later figure out that you just fucked yourself...
I used procrastination to skip studying for a test that i have in 2 hours to party with my friends.
by Kurokin March 11, 2010
Meaning your suffering from it right now, Get to your fucking homework!!
Procrastination is a great excuse for missing homework.
by Swag Magee XII April 13, 2015
What you are probably doing right now.
You are the queen. Of procrastination.
by El Kavo May 18, 2014
Procrastination is the behaviour of delaying or postponing. For many students delaying tasks may not be a problem as they choose to delay tasks which are of low priority for them or they consciously choose to delay in order to give themselves more time to consider a problem. For others, procrastination becomes a regular way of "coping", which results in a cycle of stress, that becomes difficult to break
I have realy got to get this assignment done, but first ill make myself something to eat/ but first ill help my sister with hers. ( 2 examples after the commer were the forms of procrastination )
by Tachikaze March 28, 2009
Things i have done while procrastinating

1. Taken really good shits (when i felt like it)
2. Fucked many hot women (while sleeping)
3. Learned that Cattle are the only animal that pees backwards (From some obscure website)
4.Blown many a load
5. Pwned many a n00b in C&C Generals
6. Learned Stairway to Heaven (plus solo)
7. Eaten many a hot pockets
8. Listened to Hotel California over and over and over.....
What great things we have accomplished from procrastination
by were we came in? February 08, 2006
I'll put up a new word later.
I'll upload this later. Procrastination
by SubMachineFrost January 31, 2016
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