Best and worst way to get through college!
Procrasitating eventually catches up with you. But dammit, only a momentary satisfaction.

Describes those who cannot see the benefits of fun later, versus now.
Procrastination is a way of life for most students (unless they're anal retentive)

Procrastination rocks!
by Procrastinator April 24, 2004
A disease caused by the IB Program that causes students to wait until the last possible minute to do extreme amounts of work in impossibly short periods of time. Side effects include BSing, cheating, insomnia, and regret. Unfortunately, it's addicting, and students cannot break this vicous cycle.
I shouldn't have procrastinated! I have 24 hours to finish the 30 photobook pages I was supposed to be working on for the past two years!

As I'm making this Urban Dictionary entry, I should be writing the 10 minute IB Individual Spanish Oral I have in 9 hours. =)
by ChristaF March 04, 2010
Time wasting with intent to avoid necessary action. Typically verbalised by those with access to success yet a predisposition towards failure i.e. work-shy students approaching coursework deadlines.
"Are you doing that coursework for tomorrow?"
"No, I decided to put a definition of procrastination on Urban Dictionary instead."
by Hayter86 December 01, 2009
1. the act of putting things off for later
2. the act that 97.466% of all people are committing this very second
3. i'll tell you later...
4. .........
Fake Procrastinator) Hey, you should join the "procrastination" group on Facebook! I just did!
True Procrastinator) Maybe tomorrow...
by herebutGONE January 02, 2010
An intense phenomenon. Not simple or lazy - but characterized by a professional aptitude for semi-productive distraction. (aka: productive-procrastination or professional-procrastination)
Harvard kid: "Did you complete that tech paper for Prof Eshion?"
Bill: "Nope, I got distracted building a software company - I might drop out. You in?"

Lucifer: "Hey, Almighty, did you make that new angel I asked for last week?"
God: "I was distracted ... by Creation."
Lucifer: "Now that's Miltonic pro-crastination. Didn't think that was doable. Look at it - it's huge."
by A cambridge Spyo March 30, 2010
Leaving things off until the very last minute, or completely blowing them off, regardless of the consequences.
Procrastination is knowing you have a really important paper due tomorrow, but you just can't find the motivation to do the work. It's already 3 am, and you still haven't done anything. Then you decide you're too tired and go to bed, figuring it won't be that bad to turn it in a day late. This situation can repeat itself many a time.
by Claire420 December 13, 2009
The art of never getting up off your hole and doing things.
Enda indulges in excessive amounts of procrastination as well as masturbation.
by Elburno February 24, 2008

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