Procrastination is a lot like Masturbation. It seems like a good idea at the time, but in the end you're really only fucking yourself.
I'll think of an example later...(ehem PROCRASTINATION)
by The Bombdiggietest February 11, 2007
Putting something that eventually must be done to the very last minute. Sometimes this method can be successful, and the person will get to spend a lot of time relaxing, and still get work done. Other times, however, it can lead to poor grades, incomplete work, etc. If one has a lot of work, it is understandable that the person will leave some for the last minute, although this person may be subject to adjectives such as lazy.
Me: Wow, I've got an 8 page history paper, a French project, a science lab, and a lot of other nightly homework... I'll do some now, but to avoid exhaustion, I'll have to use procrastination with the rest.

Ignorant person: You is lazy!

Me: And just how much work have you done this weekend?

Ignorant person: Uh...

Me: Hypocrite.
by MrCuddles February 02, 2007
what a majority of teenagers are best at.
"im so darn good at procrastinationing its bad!
by tess.. duh September 17, 2008
1) Just like masturbation. It feels great now, but in the end you realized you screwed yourself
2) when someone thinks your dumb but your really smart, you just have a problem. its the real reason smart kids do poorly
Hey YOU reading this: stop this procrastination and do what your supposed to be doing! i know youre procratinating because you wouldnt be reading this if you werent!
by mort 35.5 October 09, 2005
Work pays off later. Procrastination pays off now. The cycle of work in reverse: you feel good lounging around but you realized you screwed up later.
(Looking at F) "Darn I guess I shouldm't have procrastinatingfor that test, huh?"
by nikkan_hanil September 15, 2004
I think ill write this definition later
dude... thats the best definition for procrastination ever.
by Lord Damon Achuine May 09, 2009
Putting off for tomorrow what should have been done today.
I should have written my college applications, but procrastination kept me from doing so. Besides, getting the high score on Pac-Man is WAY more impressive than getting into Harvard.
by thearistocrat28 October 24, 2009

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