Daniel James Howell, Aka. Danisnotonfire, is a 22 years old British boy from Wokingham, who currtently lives in London with his flatmate Phil.
He started making youtube videos in 2009 on his channel Danisnotonfire by influence of some friends, including Phil Lester (Aka. Amazingphil) who already had a channel by that time and won a important role on dan's trajectory.
Dan's videos are usually about current themes on a teenager life, including some failure experiences of him showed in funny sketches and vlogs.
He makes a lot of collabs with Phil, and their cute friendship induced some fans to create a 'phan' ship.
In 2011, Dan and Phil created a channel together called 'the super amazing project', and carried on until 2013, when they transferred it's content to a show they started presenting on BBC Radio 1.
Dan's fans are called 'Danossaurs' and the whole fandom is the 'Llamarmy'.
Some of the inside jokes/infos are:
-Delia Smith: Dan loves Delia, they secretly have an affair.
-Placenta: Dan's favorite word. He loves placenta.
-Llamas: His favorite animal. He also loves it.
-The game: You lost the game.
-Muse: He loves it.
-Fantastic Foursome: A group that includes Dan, Phil, PJ and Chris.
-His bromance with phil: Even though they're straight and are not together, they like to have cute moments just to be funny and feed the ships.
The list goes on...
Dan posts his videos on the weekend, presents a younow show on Tuesdays and the radio show on BBCR1 on Sundays.
"OMG, Dan Howell is so pretty!"
"I love Dan Howell's channel"
by vihinwonderland September 13, 2013
An absolute meme-loving fuck. He is also known as "Heart eyes Howell" which is used to describe the entranced way he looks at Phil Lester (amazingphil), "No Homo Howell" for his denial that Phil and he are in a romantic relationship, also "danisnotonfire" which is his name on most social media accounts, and YouTube, which he is most well known for. He is meme trash, spends most of his time on tumblr, is an Internet cult leader, is a sarcastic little piece of shit, but also one of the best human beings ever.
"Dan Howell is a fucking piece of trash, I love him so much."
by Phan.Potato June 13, 2015
an attractive 22 year old male who currently resides in london, england and is part of the youtube community. he uploads youtube videos which usually revolve around his awkward experiences in life which he re enacts and uploads to his youtube channel, danisnotonfire. he lives with his best friend, phil who also has a youtube channel called AmazingPhil. his close friendship with phil has caused people to romantically "ship" the two. his fanbase have labeled themselves as the "phandom" whom most are hell bent on proving dan and phil are both gay despite dan's denial and repeatedly saying he's straight, not to mention the famous "fyi i like vagina" which most of the phandom use as an inside joke.
by fiestarose November 06, 2013
Also known as:
•Heart-eyes Howell
•Dan "no home" Howell
•Dan Lester
•Daniel James Howell
Definition: gay meme trash nerd who thinks he's straight but isn't; we all still love him though
In the Phan ship (Dan Howell and Phil Lester), I think we all know that Dan bottoms.
by The Fantabulous Fanqueen July 25, 2015
dan howell is a sexy noodle
hey do you like dan howell?
yes! his bff is phil lester!
via giphy
by imyournewcrush July 09, 2016
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