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What you are probably doing right now.
You are the queen. Of procrastination.
by El Kavo May 18, 2014
Location Status Update for the place where you are when should be doing something else.
Foursquare check-in format: @ ProcrastiNation ! Surfing the Internet when I should be doing my taxes.
by MLx February 06, 2010
sitting on the couch all day watching movies and thinking about sushi while you have a speaker portfolio due and a final to study for
Rachel does the procrastination all day long during finals week.
by kwheels December 08, 2010

To postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice.

To postpone homework regularly is called procrastination.
by Jafje September 29, 2007
Ehh... I'll tell you the definition later...
Hmm... "Procrastination-" Nah, never mind, I'll give you an example later...
by puh-sood-oh-nim January 25, 2011
Procrastination is like masturbation. It may feel good at the time but in the end you're fucking yourself.
Dude, I had to do a seven page paper last night, but my nightly procrastination got in the way.
by huntingmike111 August 16, 2009
Procrastination is just like masturbation because you only fuck yourself.
Procrastination is a bad habit to get into because it leads people to think you don't care, that you don't have it together and you are often left in the dust compared to your contemperaries. You shouldn't procrastinate, especially when it comes to thanking somebody for something or telling someone you love them or visiting an elderly relative. "He who hesitates is lost."unknown "God helps those who help themselves." unknown, but an old one.
Procrastination has made me lazy. Now I'm fat.
I can procrastinate up to three times a day.
If I did not procrastinate so much, I'd have a job by now.
Procrastinating makes you look really lame.
I always get mad at myself for procrastinating.
Procrastinators are doomed. When you lag, you lose.
by MadamexXx February 19, 2009