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"Out of this world" or a level above the normal physical human experience.
That discussion we had yesterday was very cosmic.
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
117 21
better than best, the highest form of greatness,out of this world
your great but im cosmic
by cosmic100 August 21, 2006
45 24
1) out of this world; far out
2) a unique individual; someone who doesn't fit any mold
3) Cosmic Top Secret - the highest security clearance at NATO
1) wow, were those hippies ever cosmic
2) that crazy guy, he's really cosmic
3) Denis Morriset had a Cosmic security clearance
by Hugh Jass, Ph.D. February 02, 2009
31 17
synonym for dank
This weed is hella cosmic!
by cheese ballers August 02, 2010
12 11
To suffer from an overdose of Ecstasy resulting in limb failure, mainly affecting the arms.
Dude don't take 4 at once, you're not as tolerant as Tim. You'll just Cosmic like Brando did at school from the 1/2 of a green smiley.
by Mike drinkwater September 13, 2007
7 18
A store found in the mall, with unusal clothing/accessories
"I shopped at Cosmic last night and found this awsome Shirt, Want some weed?"
by LoSeRs 'R' uS April 03, 2006
11 29
Referring To Cosmic Bowling, Or bowling at night in the dark.
"Wanna go cosmic this saturday?"
by Graysea July 24, 2003
13 33