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A ring you give to your girlfriend that means that you're okay with not having sex with her ever again.
Sue: "So I heard Jeff gave you an engagement ring"
Jill: "Yeah, good thing too. I was getting real tired of putting out for him.."
#engagement #sex me not #love #fake love #please forgive me #idk
by are595 November 09, 2009
The ring given from man to woman when the woman accepts the man's proposal... traditionally the ring should contain one diamond at the least .
I said yes to Frank and he gave me a huge engagement ring!
#diamond #gold #sparkly #rich #shiny
by Sandy Jane February 19, 2008
the tool of true love. used to tell somebody you want them to be yours and for you to be theirs forever, to be used VERY carefully (unless you are drunk and in vegas, hopefully you can return it then), should be at least 3 months salary from work and 6 months from mind (one usually does figure out whether they will want to marry somebody in a short amount of time but if you wait it works out better, you might even make it to ten years)
man 1:i want to pop the question to my girlfriend

man 2:did you get her an 'engagement ring?'
#propose #commitment #dump #cheat #leave
by itlnboy October 15, 2010
The sexual act of having a string of ejaculate wrap around your ring finger. (or any other finger for that matter)
Gerald's mom was shocked and disgusted when she found him in his room wearing an engagement ring.
#cum bracelet #jizz jewelry #wedding #loneliness #tissues
by ThePublicEnema January 25, 2011
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