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name of a big black abused girl.
Kristen: i just bought it i love itttt...... its so presh.
Me: *precious...
like the big black abused girl
by PreshLover December 06, 2010
What Gollum is after.
My preeecioooouuuuusss!
by Snebulizer/Nih+gir September 01, 2003
Something that means more to you than anyone could understand. It's value and worth can't be defined and you'd do anything to keep it. Beautiful and delicate.
My boyfriend is precious to me.
by Dead Angel March 24, 2005
Gollum's birthday present. It came to him. His own, his precious.
"My precioussss"
by Chris January 02, 2004
Thanks to the movie, is now a derogatory term for any overwieight/ obese girl.
Fat bitch at lunchline: "Oh yess, they have Pizza!"

Me: Control yourself precious, I thought you were on a diet.

Fat bitch: gets upset and leaves the lunch line
by hater 25 March 23, 2010
Watching my 18-year-old roommate laughing out loud at the Lion King and singing along to every song.
"She is acting like a child; how precious!"
by KAYY MAC3 April 12, 2009
smeagol's equivalent of crystal meth
because smeagol hasn't had the precious for so long, he is in a constant state of meth withdrawl.
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 27, 2010
Usually a person a female pursuasion, with high maintenece qualities.

Also refered to as 'Daddies little girl' or 'Princess' by peers.

Needs, wants and expects everything NOW!!
Veruca Salt of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame, shes precious.
by CheeseMonkeyEggBeansFridge August 16, 2006