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1. (N) Bratty young British girl from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Selfish.

2. (N) Randomly rude and selfish individual.

3. (N) Alt-pop band from the 1990s.
1. I want it NOW, daddy!!!

2. What a Veruca Salt that girl is, always asking for more and more.

3. Volcano girlllz, volcano girllllz~~
by Neilmiser May 05, 2004
A very BAD nut in the classic, and new version, of Willie (Charlie) And The Choclate Factory.
"I want a trained squirrel,NOW!!!"
"I want another pony."
"I want an oompa loompa."
"I want a chocolate river"
Always, I want. Never,Thank you.
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