to be a part of the system
I'm not pots..I took it and THREW IT ON THE GROUND
by giddy G gangster yo December 12, 2010
a natural herb.The most common way to use it is to smoke it, but you can also eat it, brew it like tea, or put it in food (hash brownies). The drug makes you feel very good, hungry, goofy, and hungry.
"Wow dillian, this hydro pine sure makes me hungry."
by reffer August 19, 2005
(verb) to inform on, nark, report to authority, dob-in
I was cruising, and some bastard potted me
by mangovega October 25, 2010
The way a wave breaks onto shore. Used when skimboarding
"Dude look at those waves!"

"The pot's good bro, let's hit it!"
by VoOdOo_408 August 08, 2009
marijuanna of any sort
pot is good to smoke
by LilJOnwhattt August 01, 2005
Acronym, generally used by geeks and techies

Plain Old Telephone System
>>Via the POTS...

>>HaHa I bet he uses depends on POTS for his data transmission.
by annonymous December 28, 2003
Chew legend from Eastern Canada.
No body spits tar like Ol' Pots.
by MadWhacker May 21, 2008

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