Part Of The Scenery
The CD-Player became POTS of the Living Room.
by GPhone August 28, 2011
pots... A nothern English term meaning dishes.
"look at all these dirty pots, grab that pot towel chuck,
I'll wash and you wipe"
by DIZZYskin December 10, 2007
short for "prince of tennis"
hay have u seen the new pot eposode?
by koneko_tora December 05, 2006
a toilet bowl
tell him to shit or get off the pot
by Anonymous January 14, 2002
A pot is a homosexual. It's the abbreviation of potter. Particularly used in Flanders.

It's mostly said while making the pot-sign, which is slapping with one hand on the fist of the other. But the pot-sign alone can be sufficient.
(silent, making the pot-sign): That guy is definitely a pot!
by starflam2003 August 23, 2006
something you put a flower in
i guess we could plant this daisy in that pot over there!
by maggie February 14, 2004
<b>paht</b><i>n.</i><b>1.</b> A reagent used in the contruction of large scale temples dedicated to paranoia and transcedence. <b>2.</b> A small plant native to the beta planet of the 7th Sun which has become a passion of the higher order primates there. Available in small quantities at a large price on planetary standard markets via several miniature scale exporting operations.<i>see also:</i> instaga
1. What the hell did you do with the pot? We're never going to finish this mess.

2. Who the hell bought up all the pot? We're never going to finish this mess.
by Dichotomy February 25, 2006

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