somethign you put a plant in
put the plant in the pot
by gorwpot211 May 15, 2012
Dutch term for a lesbian. Often used negatively.
"She's such a pot!"
"Yup..." -_-
by Mynnigon September 03, 2007
a cooking insturment
i cooked my pasta in a pot
by clit licker December 12, 2006
RPG/MMO shorthand for potion.
'Hey dude, do you think we're gonna need a healer?'

'Nah man it's OK, I've got at least fifty HP pots for you guys.'
by tekwerk November 11, 2012
Alternative name for a Plaster Cast.
Wear a pot to mend a broken arm/leg
by Yrag March 22, 2006
What you yell at a bad driver when you're tired of always yelling "STOP!"
Tina: POTS! You're going to hit that white truck!
Nadia: Ahh, oh my God!
by Missdew January 22, 2014
to be a part of the system
I'm not pots..I took it and THREW IT ON THE GROUND
by giddy G gangster yo December 12, 2010

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