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1) To get high smoking marijuana, derives from pot one of the alternative names for marijuana.
2) To be really drunk, derives from pot, the Australian slang for a beer glass.
3) To be fired from your job, possibly because of one on the two preceding definitions or maybe both.
4) British Army slang, to shoot and kill an enemy combatant, derives from the old hunter's expression 'one for the pot', referring to a rabbit, pigeon shot and killed.
5) Buried, derives from the slang for burying the victim of a hit, by extension it is applied to someone who has received a put down so vicious that they are figuratively dead and buried.
6) Fish, especially conger eel, cooked by simmering in vinegar with herbs and spices.
1) I don't what that stuff was, but three tokes and I couldn't find my ass with both hands, totally potted!
2) Bruce broke up with Sheila, so 'is mates took him down the pub an' got 'im potted.
3) Joe called his boss a wanker and got potted.
4) You know that sniper that's been giving us trouble, Jimmy's potted the bastard.
5) Did you hear what that bitch said to him? Man she totally potted him.
6) What's for tea? Potted conger? Great!
by Croatalin November 23, 2013
15 0
To become higher than high.
Damn Dawg, John was so potted last night after smokin that L.
by Derrick"theone" July 29, 2006
17 5
'Potted'. If one has been 'Potted' then one has been 'Parred' (please find in urban dictionary if the word is not part of your inner language)

In other words: If you have been potted then you have in some way been insulted. This word works far better in a group of people as once one has been insulted another acquaintance (or if the group are close to you a 'friend) will turn round and yell in a teasing way 'POTTED'.
Person 1: 'You've disrsepected me'
person 2: 'MATE, your mums sideburns disrespect me'
person 4: Parred
by Upper Class Merking Mistress. January 04, 2011
8 4
slang for getting very drunk; see also wasted, smashed, blitzed, and blotto
I went on a pub crawl last night and got completely potted.
by StreakyBacon December 25, 2004
9 7
To be fired from ones place of employment.

Also, to get potted.
"I got potted the other week, now I've got to look for a new job in a recession, devastated!"
by C--dog November 21, 2011
1 0
To become higher than high.
Damn Dawg, John was so potted last night after smokin that L.
by Derrick"theone" July 29, 2006
4 8
as in 'plant'. To be at a location...
The boys are potted down at the boozer...
by no.1 Geezer May 21, 2007
2 7