Someone who is unattractive that believes they are attractive. She is playing possum, just like possum play dead when they aren't, she played attractive when she wasn't
Old females who are completely unattractive but think they are. She was playing possum with us.
by Paramo March 27, 2011
When a guy is almost about to cum and knocks the girl unconscious (so she's limp and hanging upside-down on the bed) and he finishes.
Every time I have break up sex I possum her.

She broke up with me after I kept possuming her.
by E E K May 07, 2009
Hairpiece, toupe.
Check out that possum!
by Darwood Johannson the Second November 19, 2008
when someone has a really hairy arse
man vella and jacob have some sik possums
get ya possum out!!
by The Dreadfather November 10, 2007
Veracious nocturnal pest thats gets powned by lead pellets in the head.
" ohh man that possum got owned, lets go check it out"
by butch March 29, 2005
by Chioki Phi August 29, 2003
When a girl fakes being asleep to try to avoid having sex (again), but she's so skanky from the previous 9 times he sticks it in anyway.

Usually followed by "Hey, what are you doing?" - especially if the guy misses and slides in the wrong-hole.
Emma tried playing possum this morning, so I just did her quickly.
by Monty'sNewGig June 23, 2007

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