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4 definitions by Nibcats

1.) the act of a girl faking she is asleep after 1-2 drinks at a party to avoid the creepy guy in the corner that has been trying to get with her all night
After Mike was getting a little "grabby" with Betty, she decided she would have to have to pull a possum, so she curled up into a ball and went to sleep
by Nibcats December 04, 2006
the act of punching babies in the face
I was boinkin Pablo when i saw a picture of young Andrew, and then i felt the urge to give him a turtle curtle.
by Nibcats May 25, 2006
where you bust a snowy white load into a ho's mouth and she tries to spit it back at you. this is a snow ball fight. the proper course of action is to give this cum guzzling bitch a swift uppercut to the abdomen (walrus punch).
"I splooged in this back stabbing bitch's mouth, who happened to get with my friend after homecoming, and she proceeded to start a snowball fight with me until i gave her the ultimate walrus punch and knocked her on her fucking ass"
by Nibcats November 26, 2006
1.) a bundy is the creepiest male figure at a party, no matter what his age. The Bundy can be a person who is too "grabby" or says weird things. To name a bundy you must use part of the creepy persons name and add it before the word bundy.
1.) " When Rick started getting "handsy" with all the girls at Coach's Pub, he was designated the creepy grabber, better known as Ricky Lo Bundy."

2.) "for example Rick Loman + Bundy = Ricky Lo Bundy"
by Nibcats December 04, 2006