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Homestar runner's favorite tasty drink.
"It all started when I decided to drink 32 glasses of melonade"

"I have to stop drinking so much melonade, Marzipan, I think I have a serious problem"
by coolpersonyo August 28, 2003
One of Homestar Runner's catch phrases, as well as his hilarious obsession.
The Cheat, I have a question about your costume. Are you supposed to be some kind of Witch's Brew?
by coolpersonyo August 26, 2003
The coolest character in sweet cuppin' cakes.
"I'm gonna get you, EH! Steve!, if its the last thing i dooooooo"
by coolpersonyo August 30, 2003
Whats-her-face's only true friend.

"What happened to you?"
"I met a possum!"
by coolpersonyo August 28, 2003
The most awesomest band ever.
Ive got the heart of a lion, and the wings of a bat, BECAUSE ITS MIDNIGHT!
by coolpersonyo August 27, 2003
The sad depressed "rinocerous" on homestarrunner.com. No one really likes him. He's part of the brothers strong but his brothers are all mean to him.
I'm sad that I'm flying
by coolpersonyo August 29, 2003
Homestar's girlfriend! She's kind of annoying and overbearing...She and homestar are one hot item when she says they are!
There was a bird, a really cute bird, a really really really cute bird!
by coolpersonyo August 26, 2003

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