Whats-her-face's only true friend.

"What happened to you?"
"I met a possum!"
by coolpersonyo August 28, 2003
Another word for asshole, wanker, twat, pussy etc. Mainly used in Britain as an insult towards people, but also said in countries such as Australia and Canada.
Dude, that guy was such a twat
Yeah, such a fucking possum!
by Brakenissocoollike October 19, 2011
The word offical meanings in the Oxford Dictionary of Lozange of the word possum.

1) A small marsupial which resides in areas such as Australia.

2) A male human being who is considered to be attractive.

3) The male genitalia.

The verb form of the word possum;

To play possum:

4) To pretend to be dead or asleep in order to avoid predatory attacks from giant evil weasles.

5) A game often played by young children (AKA sleeping lions) in which they lay on the floor and cannot move, the one left is the winner will then recieve a carrot.
2) Wow that guy is a possum and a half!

3) I want to play with your possum.
by Lozange March 18, 2008
a. See Possum

b. A replacement for any swear word, derived from the Teen Girl Squad Movies.
"I met a possum!"

"Oh for possums sake!"
by MonteM June 02, 2003
an animal commonly confused with the word awesome. is not actually that awesome. Or maybe it's an opossum.
guy 1: Awesome possums, man!
guy 2: No.
See opossum
by lawlemu February 13, 2011
a group or and individual who are really annoying.

An individual or group who run around making mischief.
oh you know... being stupid possums
by MujiXx1 February 03, 2011
a person that is trying to get out of a situation by acting like your doing something else instead.
Maria was being a little possum when Martina asked for her help to do the laundry. Martina spotted her sleeping on the couch instead.
by Carolyn Lelaine September 23, 2007

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