"The act of rolling on your back, throwing your arms out like a zombie after a long 15 seconds of intercourse."
Austin rolled over like a possum
by A.H.203 July 18, 2013
It comes from the saying "awesome possum" according to the special ones meaning me :P if you are possum you are awesome. if I know you, you are possum, although there are rankings of possumness....ness . Opposite affect is if i don't like you you have negative possum odor. All true possums know the "nega-possums." Enough said.
1. an awesome person....(duh)

2. someone of higher rank

3. an awesome happening

4. sometimes it just means the mammal, possum
by Inprismed January 25, 2012
Is an old man who dresses as a Boy Scout and Lays claims he works for the Long Island Rail Road while in search of young boys that will let him play with there private parts. Sometimes including his own private part into the said boy.
Pedophile, possum, sex offender.
by hydrocushdisbud July 27, 2010
to "fist pound" and say "possum" is to say nice, or agreed
dude i fucked a MILF last night
by bob froguana March 27, 2010
Possums are awesome as a result of their ability to rhyme their species name with the word awesome in the English language.
I heard that concert like that was pretty Possum!
by PossumCuber September 26, 2009
Possum is the new way of saying something is awesome.
Brian "We just won the world cup!"
Dave "Possum!"
by buffycs June 27, 2010
the vagina of a female
tori said "don't be such a possum",we she told her cousin anthony to do a dare.
by toriiscoolllllll July 29, 2008

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