What everyone should eat mo of.
Eat mo possum. It's great in a stew.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
A non-existing animal. A myth. The usage of the term 'possum' is popular under pot-heads.

Actually a 'possum' is a rat. But when stoners get high and see a rat, they refer to it as a 'possum'.
One night me and some friends were sitting in the backyard getting stoned as could be.
My dads old , blind, toothless tiny 3 pound chiuahua somehow heard a possum crawling out of a metal trash can and attacked.
That BIG ole possum got scared shitless in mid air jumped and 'played possum' and fell to the ground like it was dead, all back arched teath showing smellin bad.
The old dog sniffed it a few times and came strutting back after her 'kill' and we all started laughing soo hard that we dropped the bong and spilled the rolling tray in the grass.
by egbert_is_no_reindeer April 12, 2006
An ugly chick that people wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.
Wow jimmy's girlfriend is such a possum
by THe Coupster March 05, 2005
A small animal, no idea what they look like, but they have funny names. possum possum possum, everyone should love possums!
Guy: hey look a possum!
Girl: Where?
Guy: no where
Girl: haha! possum!
by Insane_Hyper_Moose April 28, 2005

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