1) Refers to a person who enjoys gaining weight in order to feel/be more attractive.

2) Alternatively used for some one who "falls dead" in bed and cannot continue to be entertaining sexually.
1) That guy is such a possum, he can't stop eating everything in sight.

2) He's a possum, he just lays there in bed and doesn't do any of the work.
by Remyarias June 11, 2007
Use to replace the word flatulence, and having to do with all anal secretions. Refers to when your anus sounds like the growling of a possum or smells like one that has been hit on the road.
When talking about taking a dump;
"I have to make a possum!"
"I'll need to use some more possum paper (toilet paper)."

When talking about flatulence; pppfffrrt "Possum!!!"
Also when talking about flatulence; "Did you smell Chelsea's Possum?!"

When thinking about taking a dump;
"Hey Darryl do you wanna go possum hunting?"
"Sorry I forgot my possum license."

If someone possums you can use possum spray (air freshener)
by Zach, Wade, Brian, David July 20, 2006
used when dipping, a small pinch that is put in the upper lip instead of the bottom lip so the dipper doesnt get caught.
"Hey arent you gonna throw out your dip? the teacher is gonna see you!!!"
"Nah man i got a possum in...she wont ever see it!!!!"
by Dustin c November 01, 2007
Refer to Vagina
Because I haven't shaved my possum in three weeks, the stubble is terribly itchy!
by Krazy K October 19, 2003
a possum, like the one i know is a very very very cuteee thing... i love possums, especially mine!! they are not known as pieces of shit, they r known as caring animals!! My possum is gorgeous!
possum, rat, weed, not shit, ok
by beanybg December 11, 2006
A nickname for someone who is not real or a poser. Poser is such a popular word that possum is now used.
"Check out that girl over there with the Simple Plan shirt."
"Oh. I know her she's such a possum"
by Jopesh September 18, 2005
A possum is something at which you would usually refer to as a piece of s***. The term, piece of s***, is derived from POSsum. Being possums here in Texas are such nasty little rodents (well, they are in Houston =\), Possums are dubbed as a piece of s***.
"Hey check out that old computer sitting there in that pile of trash. Tis such a possum."

"So this (computer) is a breakdown (to be disassembled)? Well then, grab that possum by its tail (by the power cord) and load it in the truck. :B"
by Ceru October 19, 2005

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